Founding Directors

Founders of the company have worked in the area of oral administration of proteins and vaccines for many years, Glen Travers in the biotechnology industry including project management and corporate development, and Dr Roger New, working as a scientist both in academia and in industry.  Salient achievements of both individuals are listed below.

The company is managed by an International Board of Directors and controlled from Jersey

Dr Roger New

  • Thirty years experience of  Research and Development in field of  drug delivery
  • World-recognised expert in liposomes:  author of seminal reference book “Liposomes - A Practical Approach” published by OUP
  • First to demonstrate efficacy of liposomal amphotericin.  Coordinated first Phase I/II trials of liposomal doxorubicin
  • Devised three new systems for oral delivery of insulin, giving first positive human results ever observed in Type I diabetics
  • Honorary professor at several foreign academic institutions.  Consultant advisor to IRCD.  Member of UK Govt Expert Mission on Biotechnology to China and Brazil
  • Patent applications filed and granted in areas of pharmaceutics, diagnostics and microbiology
  • Inventor of Patents
  • Frost & Sullivan European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in Diabetes 2011
  • Finalist TechMARK Emerging Star 2012

Glen Travers

Achievements as co-founder and chief executive in biopharmaceutical arena:

  • Co-developed and launched ‘89 first helicobacter diagnostic - CLOTEST
  • CLOTEST royalties received from licensee Upjohn for USA together with Nobel Laureate inventors
  • Developed and launched first Hp point of care diagnostic - HELISAL
  • Launched with Astra in UK, Boehringer Mannheim ROW, Becton Dickinson USA
  •  Developed and launched with Ciba animal care antibacterial DETACH in Australia
  • Developed and launched first oral mucosal vaccine – BRONCOSTAT, sold to RPR 1990
  • Developed and launched DICLOMAX (diclofenac) in UK
  • Founded and built biopharmaceutical company to peak $1.2bn value  ($0.5bn on departure)
  • Listed company in UK, Australia, Nasdaq, and developed £7m turnover for UK pharmaceutical distribution
  • Registered new products with FDA,MCA
  • Developed collaborations with 12 Universities including Centre for Vaccine Development at Cambridge University
  • European Healthcare Entrepreneur of the Year 1996 sponsored by Ernst & Young and Atlas Ventures
  • Frost & Sullivan European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in Diabetes 2011
  • Finalist TechMARK Emerging Star 2012
  • Capsulin licence to leading oral diabetes company in India - USV Limited
  • Capsulin collaboration with Oxford University - Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism (OCDEM)